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December 2014

"pip install" &

Following yesterday’s post about using “npm install -g” without root privileges, here are the Python and Ruby counterparts for your beloved OSX or Linux box. By default, pip install and gem install try to install stuff... lire la suite

"npm install -g" without sudo

I use more and more Node.js tools, mostly for my web development tasks: linters, code formatters, unit tests… Most of the time, you want these tools to be installed “globally” so that they’re in your $PATH, e.g.: $ npm... lire la suite

Back from Mozilla

During the last 3 years I’ve worked full-time for Mozilla Corp, and now it’s more than time to move on. Leaving the MoCo has been a very difficult step for me. I’ve been a Mozillian for the last 8 years, and it’s been... lire la suite