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Websites I find useful

Arrrgh, I just got tagged by Flore.

Five rules:

  • Copy the rules in the beginning or at the end of your post
  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Give the 5 websites you find useful, or that you use the most. Try to explain why!
  • Tag 5 people, and let them know they’ve been tagged
  • The meme doesn't have to stay in English :-)

Five websites:

  • Windguru.cz is a pretty accurate wind forecast service that has changed the life of a lot of windsurfers. I check windguru every friday and I don't miss any good windsurfing / kiteboarding session: I’m always at the right place, right time — well, not always, but at least I don't drive 6 hours in my old, noisy van for nothing any more.
  • Vim.org, what else? After several years using this incredible editor, I still learn new stuff every week. I could spend hours tweaking my ~/.vimrc, just for fun. Call me a nerd.
  • dict.leo.org, by far the best German dictionary I know. Very useful when I post on kompozer-web.de. If I weren't so lazy I'd write a small Ubiquity script for this one.
  • identi.ca is my preferred micro-blogging service: it’s open-source, it’s all about geek stuff and FOSS news, there's a very neat XMPP gateway… and it can be used to post on Twitter. If you use Twitter and if you feel concerned by open-source, you definitely should have an identi.ca account.
  • Google News is the first page I open when I'm done checking my mails and RSS feeds with Thunderbird. I use it rather like a newspaper than for its search engine: Twitter is much more efficient to get the recent stuff.

Five victims:

KompoZer 0.8 localized builds

For the 0.8 branch, Cédric Corazza (l10n lead) has decided to publish localized builds instead of just proposing cross-platform langpacks. Not as easy as it seemed… but the new “Download” page is ready.

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Beware of scam sites

I was having a look at the referrals for kompozer.net and I found this page on TheFreeCountry.com. Among the list of free wysiwyg HTML editors, there’s this paragraph:

Nvu - Complete Web Authoring System

(Update: Nvu has been discontinued. Beware of scam sites pretending to be the Nvu website and asking for donations/support. The official site is gone, and there are no replacement sites. In the meantime, use KompoZer, which is just Nvu with some bug fixes and a new name.)

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Comete: Course on Mozilla Education and Technologies at Evry

Last week, Laurent Jouanneau and I taught Mozilla technologies at the University of Évry, Paris area. The Comete project was initiated by Pascal Chevrel (Mozilla-Europe) and three University teachers: Didier Courtaud (Desiderius on #xulfr and #education), Judith Benzakki and Denis Dupont.

Université d’Évry

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This year there’s been a lot of people representing the French-speaking Mozilla community at the JDLL in Lyon, France — 18 persons IIRC!

There were booth for XUL fr, FrenchMoz, Geckozone, FrenchBirds and for Mozilla Europe, Mozilla Women… as well as KompoZer, of course.

I’ve had the opportunity to give a talk on KompoZer 0.8, in front of more people than I expected for a relative small event. I could present the work I’ve been doing on KompoZer for the last twelve months and give a mini-roadmap about the future of this project.

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KompoZer 0.8b1

KompoZer logo

Finally entering the beta stage. Few bug fixes, but I've implemented the last features I wanted for the 0.8 branch:

  • FTP support
  • syntax highlighting in split view
  • ability to edit text files
  • better PHP support on GNU/Linux
  • new SVG icon
  • new UUID

You can grab KompoZer 0.8b1 here:

Enjoy… and please report bugs! :-)

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EU MozCamp 2009, Prague

I've been so glad to be at the European MozCamp in Prague. I could meet more Mozilla contributors, there's been a lot of interesting talks, and the Mozilla dinner on the Moldau was awesome. Boy, I love this community! :-)

Mozilla dinner on the Vltava

I gave a talk on KompoZer. Believe it or not, it was the very first time I had to make slides… you can see them here. As you can guess, I've used KompoZer to make them. ;-)

I've also had the opportunity to discuss the future of KompoZer with Mark Surman, Gervase Markham and Robert Kaiser. The specs for KompoZer 0.9 are now packed! More on that subject soon, hopefully.

The whole KompoZer team at the euMozCamp09

Many, many thanks to William, Irina and the whole Mozilla-Europe team for organizing this event. It's been a great time!

Almost there…

I'm doing my best to release KompoZer 0.8b1 before the MozCamp ’09.

KompoZer 0.8b1

Some interesting features have been implemented for this release:

  • the FTP support is getting better: KompoZer 0.8b1 is able to upload any file, and creates subfolders properly
  • KompoZer 0.8b1 can finally open PHP files on Linux. Vingtetun, I owe you one for this!
  • side effect: KompoZer 0.8 will probably be able to edit text files (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, htaccess…)
  • the split view has been improved

GNU/Linux i686 users, you can try the latest nightly here and report bugs here. This version should be pretty close to the official 0.8b1 release but it still needs to be tested: it's not the official 0.8b1 release, it's just a snapshot.

The MacOS X and Windows versions are on their way. L10n contributors, get ready! :-)

EDIT (2009-09-30 15:15 GMT):

  • the download link on kompozer.net was a bad idea: I got a bandwidth alert, and kompozer.net might be down for a few hours. This file has been moved to SourceForge.net.
  • I'm not sure to have the time to release the official 0.8b1 before the MozCamp. Worst case, the binaries will be available next week.

KompoZer 0.8 SVG icon

KompoZer 0.7 icon Alain Lorieux (“chinon37”), my colleague on Geckozone, designed the KompoZer 0.7 icon in 2006. The idea behind this icon was quite simple: a globe for the web, a calligraphy feather for the editor. This icon has given KompoZer its visual identity and I like it a lot, but it has two drawbacks:

  • it’s a raster file: it’s not easy to resize, it doesn’t look so good in big sizes and it’s very difficult to tweak;
  • most people rather see a leaf instead of a feather.

The upcoming KompoZer 0.8b1 release is an opportunity to refresh this icon.

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KompoZer locales

I'm glad to announce that 8 langpacks are already available for KompoZer 0.8a4:

  language langpack Contributor
da Danish Dansk Kim Ludvigsen
de German Deutsch Anke “Eleanora” Lange
es-ES Spanish Español Ricardo Palomares Martínez
fr French Français Cédric Corazza
it Italian Italiano Alessandro Bronzo
nl Dutch Nederlands Frederik
ru Russian Русский Alexey “Ragnaar” Gubanov
zh-CN Chinese 中文 (简体) TeliuTe

There's also an en-US (English-US) langpack, just in case…

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