I’ve been invited to the first European MozCamp in Barcelona.


These two days have been very active. There’s been many keynotes and I had to make some cruel choices.

  • Ubiquity rocks — using a few keystrokes will always be *much* faster/easier than a dozen mouse clicks — but I have a few doubts about how it could be localised…
  • I really like Thunderbird’s new UI but I’m afraid this project desperately needs a decent PIM sync. What’s the point in embedding Lightning if you can’t sync it?
  • Talked a little with Mark Finkle about the opportunity to have a binding to Scintilla in XULRunner’s SDK. I’d love to work with ActiveState and Paul Rouget on this.
  • Firebug is definitely the best basis for modern web development. I’ll try to find the time to adapt it to KompoZer and OpenKomodo.
  • Talked with Daniel Glazman and Laurent Jouanneau about BlueGriffon. If it remains a pure XUL app I’ll be happy to join, but if it relies on a patched Gecko core, no thanks: I don’t want to restart another Nvu story.
  • Fennec is fancy. The UI makes perfect sense, but it also shows there’s *ahem* room for improvement on the performance side — no doubt it’ll be a benchmark for Gecko 2.0. However, it’s already a perfect browser for my eeePC.
  • I’ve been glad to meet Henrik Gemal: I started to work on XUL by tweaking Launchy.

Lots of translators, many developers, and the Mozilla staff. These two days have been awesome and the Saturday night party was incredible (right on the beach in Barcelona)! It’s been a perfect illustration of the principle:

in Europe there’s one official language, it’s called “translation”

MozCamp08 - myself, Simone, Pascal

Many thanks to William, Delphine and the Mozilla-Europe team for this event. Feel free to invite me next year! ;-)