I’ve been tagged by Pascal, so now it's my turn to reveal a few silly things about myself. :-/

The rules:

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  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
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Seven things:

  1. The first program I wrote was a very simple Snake-like game on the Atari Basic Programming cartridge. I was 11.
  2. My first real job was to be a windsurf instructor. It's been the best year of my life. :-)
  3. I made my military service in the French Gendarmerie (army / police) and seriously considered making a career there. In retrospect, I can't understand why.
  4. I have a mechanical engineering degree but my wife is the one who repairs stuffs at home. :-s
  5. My first involvement for the open-source community was to submit a 10-line patch for Nvu in 2004.
  6. I have more fun tweaking my Vim config than playing computer games.
  7. I've been involved in the development of the best keyboard in the world.

Seven people to share my trouble:

  1. Henrik Gemal because I started to learn XUL tweaking his Launchy extension.
  2. Marcia Knous, just to say “Hi” and for her video of the French Mozilla group in Barcelona :-)
  3. Flore Allemandou for letting me read her comics and drink her beers.
  4. Toni Hermoso Pulido because I forgot to mention the Catalan language pack on kompozer.net.
  5. Simone Lando (aka “Underpass”) because he should have a blog.
  6. Sonny Piers, I owe him a beer though I can't remember why… never mind.
  7. Martin Stubenschrott, I don't know him but I’m a big Vimperator-fan and I can’t wait to have a stable Thunderbird3/Muttator config!