Windows users, here you go:

  • download this archive:
  • unzip it somewhere (e.g. in your “Documents” directory)
  • rename your C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data\KompoZer profile (e.g. KompoZer.bak)
  • double-click on kompozer.exe (e.g. in your “Documents\KompoZer” directory) to start KompoZer

Don’t try to install any langpack yet, they need to be updated for this version.

Again, please do NOT report bugs in this blog: use the SourceForge tracker or one of these forums:

A few annoying bugs have already been reported on KompoZer 0.8a1: the preferences window is buggy, the CSS editor has lost its icons, the tabs in the CSS editor aren’t disabled properly when no style rule is selected, and quite a few UI bugs need to be addressed. I’ll do my best to release an alpha2 as soon as possible, and I’ll take more time to test this version properly in both Windows and Linux.

Update: I forgot to include msvcp70.dll and msvcr70.dll in the archive. These DLLs are now included in

Sorry for the trouble. Zefling, thanks for reporting this problem!