Ongoing work

There are still a lot of bugs to fix, that should keep me busy for some time. At least, this release should be decently usable on recent GNU/Linux distros: KompoZer 0.7 crashes with GTK 2.14, KompoZer 0.8 doesn't. Overall, KompoZer 0.8 is much more stable than Nvu 1.0 or KompoZer 0.7.

The next big item on my TODO-list is the site manager. The current one doesn’t work any more with remote files: please use this site manager with local folders only, and use an FTP client to publish your files. I’ll do my best to implement a DreamWeaver-like dual view (local/remote) as soon as possible.

Some work has to be done on the DOM sidebar, it definitely requires some code optimization and bugfixes. I also plan to link the CSS tree to the CSS editor, i.e. double-clicking on a CSS rule should open the CSS editor on the selected rule. However, and though I love this DOM panel (especially to visualize the effect of Alt+arrows keyboard shortcuts), it’s not a high-priority item: if it’s not ready for the final 0.8 release, I could still disable it.

Quite a few users complain about the lack of a “source” tab. I’m afraid that’s the very last item in my TODO-list: Nvu’s pseudo syntax highlighting requires to patch the core quite heavily, so I’ll work on all the current bugs before trying to re-implement this source tab. I might use SeaMonkey Composer’s source tab in the next alpha release — i.e. without any syntax highlighting. Meanwhile, please give the new source dock a try: spend a few minutes to get used to the keyboard shortcuts (Alt+Enter, Alt+arrows), use the status bar or the DOM panel to select an element, you’ll see it can be a very efficient way to work on the source.


You can grab KompoZer 0.8a2 here:

The MacOS X version is now a proper disk image, many thanks to Bobo and Ragnaar for their help! Since it’s a universal binary, KompoZer 0.8a2 runs much faster on Intel Macs than Nvu 1.0 or KompoZer 0.7 (which were PPC builds).

If you use KompoZer 0.7, remember you’ll have to backup/erase your existing KompoZer profile before installing KompoZer 0.8a2. Don’t try to install any langpack yet, they need to be updated for this version.


It’s an alpha release. There will be bugs, please report them in the SourceForge tracker or in one of these forums:

If you want to contribute to this project, you can ping me on the #kompozer chan.