Three SVG variants

“chinon” icon Joaquín Herreraz Goás (“joaclint” on Mozilla-Hispano) has recently contributed a very good SVG version of Alain’s icon, and he's proposed a nice improvement on the globe.

I’ve truncated the top of the feather a bit so it doesn’t stick so much to the globe. Joaquín, Alain, I hope you don’t mind. ;-)

“joaclint” icon Joaquín has also proposed to tweak the feather a bit, in order to make it look more like… a feather. This is the result.

I’ve found this icon so good that I’ve submitted it on Geckozone, to get some feedback from the guys who designed the first version.

“zefling” icon Zéfling, another Geckozone user, has used Joaquín’s work to submit another variant.

Unlike Joaquín, he didn’t try to stick to the original feather shape: he designed a new one from scratch. Here’s the result.

Pick your favorite feather

I know some fine tuning would be necessary on these SVG icons (e.g. globe color and contrast, lighting, feather shadow), but we’d better pick a feather shape first. Please let me know which of these three feathers you prefer… or submit a new one.

chinon joaclint zefling
“chinon” icon “joaclint” icon “zefling” icon 128px
“chinon” icon “joaclint” icon “zefling” icon 64px
“chinon” icon “joaclint” icon “zefling” icon 48px
“chinon” icon “joaclint” icon “zefling” icon 32px
“chinon” icon “joaclint” icon “zefling” icon 24px
“chinon” icon “joaclint” icon “zefling” icon 16px

Joaquín: thanks again for your work and your patience. You’ve done a great job!