Cédric & Frédéric

Cédric Corazza and Frédéric Chateaux (l10n lead and QA lead, respectively) spent most of their time at the KompoZer booth, while I was rather away discussing about KompoZer with other developers — especially about html2pdf. Cédric also took some time on the booth to make localized builds of KompoZer 0.8b1, more on that soon.

Here are a few common reactions we got at the booth:

“I’m not using KompoZer any more because it crashes on my latest Mandriva / Ubuntu distro”

As mentioned on kompozer.net: KompoZer 0.7 is not compatible with GTK ≥ 2.14, hence the crashes. We’ve explained that to all Linux distros, but Ubuntu and Mandriva didn’t get it.
It should have been solved for Ubuntu 9.04 but Asac pushed a last-minute patch to include KompoZer 0.7.10 instead of 0.8a4 in Jaunty Jackalope; now the KompoZer repository should be sync’ed on the Debian one (maintained by Giuseppe “Derevko” Iuculano), so the problem’s solved.
About Mandriva, I’ve met a Mandriva contributor there and took the time to explain him the problem. I hope the next Mandriva release will ship KompoZer 0.8, we’ll see…

Nvu was a bunch of crap, but KompoZer seems to rock!

(ahem) well, glad you like it then.

It looks like SeaMonkey Composer!

SeaMonkey Composer 2.1 will look a lot more like KompoZer, since we’re about to merge a big part of the code.

Why isn’t KompoZer an official Mozilla Community Project?

Bad question. You should rather ask why nobody’s working on the <editor> any more…

Who’s working on KompoZer?

The whole team is in front of you: one developer, one l10n lead, one QA lead. Feel free to join!

Who’s financing KompoZer?

Nobody, that’s why I’ve put ugly ads on the website to get a few hundred bucks. Feel free to click on the big, orange button on kompozer.net.

Why is the website so ugly?

Obviously because there’s no web designer in the KompoZer team. Feel free to send us an alternate stylesheet, that’d be very welcome!

Firefox et Léo

I’ve been pleased to see that the new features in KompoZer 0.8b1 (DOM Explorer, split view, site manager…) have met people’s expectations. Aiming KompoZer as a better learning tool seems to make sense, and the planned features for the 0.9 branch (Bespin code editor, XML-RPC publication, CSS template manager…) should raise more interest among advanced users.