The Slovenian localization has been done by Roman Bobnarič. The only untranslated strings were related to the file, and there hasn’t been any progress on these strings for months. But yesterday we found out that these strings weren't translated for other official Gecko 1.8 applications either, so Cédric Corazza (l10n lead) and I had a little talk about that.

Cédric’s opinion is simple: if any single string is untranslated, the locale isn’t ready, period. He doesn’t care if some losers working on an unknown project like Firefox don’t have similar quality standards. :-)

However, this file has been fully translated for Gecko 1.9.2, so I’ve copied as many strings as possible from the new file. On the 89 untranslated strings, 73 could be updated and 16 couldn’t be translated.

As these strings only show up in the JavaScript console to describe CSS errors, and since KompoZer’s JavaScript console doesn’t display CSS errors by default, Cédric finally agreed to use this file “as is” and leave 16 untranslated strings. He still insists that it’d be much better if a Slovenian contributor could finish the job.

Anyway, the result is that we’ve just published Slovenian builds of KompoZer for Windows, MacOSX and GNU/Linux on the download page — 20 languages are now supported by KompoZer! \o/

Note: there’s little work to do to finish the following locales:

Feel free to drop a message if you’re willing to help on these locales. Of course, if you feel like contributing another translation, you’re very welcome. :-)

Update: Matjaž Horvat has just submitted a patch to fix the 16 untranslated strings (and a little more…). Thanks! Cédric will sleep much better now. :-D