Finally! After a one year contract with INRIA working on SMIL Timesheets I’m getting back to what I’ve been doing as a Mozilla community member: working on the wysiwyg HTML editor.

The difference is, with Kompozer I’ve been dealing with the XUL/JS front-end (editor/ui), trying to find workarounds to the bugs in the core editor, whereas now I’m working on the C++ back-end (mozilla/editor), trying to fix bugs at the source. As the HTML editor component is used in Firefox (contentEditable elements), Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Kompozer, I hope my work on this back-end will improve the user experience on all these apps.

The other difference is that instead of working on the editor on my free time, I have an official contract now. Yay!

I’ve just spent a week in Toronto working with Ehsan, who got me started with the editor codebase and the development tools. I’ve already addressed a couple bugs and I’ll do my best to make the editor better for everyone in the next few months.