March 15 will be my last day at Phoxygen. In fact I’ve already stopped working there, as I’m taking all the PTO I had left.

It has been a very good experience and I enjoyed it a lot, but as Firefox OS got “pivoted” my work there has lost most of its purpose, and it’s time for me to move on.

Right now I’m back to my freelancer status, and I’m pivoting from Mozilla technologies to standard technologies that can last in the long term: as a XUL lover, I’m pivoting to WebExtensions and Electron.js for extension and desktop app development; as a Firefox OS developer, I’m pivoting to hybrid mobile apps; and as a web developer, I’m eager to use all the cool tricks I learned during the Firefox OS adventure on modern websites.

I’ve been a Mozillian for 10 years now, I’ve seen the project evolve a lot and I need some time to figure out how to contribute for the next 10 years. I’ll keep a close eye on B2G OS for sure! The main change is that I’m not looking for a Mozilla-related job any more: I’ll contribute just for the fun of it. ^^

Ready to explore new opportunities. Finally.
I have to say, it feels great. :-)