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KompoZer Addons Mini How-To

There are two items in my long todo-list that I can’t address properly before KompoZer 0.8 is released: design an “Add-ons” page for kompozer.net write an “Add-on development“ how-to for kompozer.sf.net I won’t be able... lire la suite

New locales for KompoZer 0.8b1

Two locales have just been added to KompoZer 0.8b1: the Dutch locale has been done by Freek Pol, aka Frederik, moderator of the Dutch KompoZer forum on MozBrowser.nl. the Hungarian one has been done by András Tímár,... lire la suite

Two French books about KompoZer

Créez gratuitement votre site web avec KompoZerTwo books about KompoZer have just been published in French: The first one, “Créez gratuitement votre site web avec KompoZer” is the French translation of Kim Ludvigsen’s booklet, “Hjemmesider med KompoZer” (“Create your... lire la suite

Deux livres sur KompoZer

Créez gratuitement votre site web avec KompoZerC’était dans le tube depuis quelque temps, les deux livres consacrés à KompoZer arrivent quasiment en même temps dans les bacs. Le premier n’est pas à proprement parler une nouveauté : « Créez gratuitement votre site web... lire la suite

Download mirrors for KompoZer, anyone?

SF download statsSince SourceForge.net has changed its File Release System, it's much easier to publish a bunch of binaries for each KompoZer release. Unfortunately, it's become pretty buggy and we’re getting more and more reports from... lire la suite

KompoZer 0.8 localized builds

For the 0.8 branch, Cédric Corazza (l10n lead) has decided to publish localized builds instead of just proposing cross-platform langpacks. Not as easy as it seemed… but the new “Download” page is ready.... lire la suite

Beware of scam sites

I was having a look at the referrals for kompozer.net and I found this page on TheFreeCountry.com. Among the list of free wysiwyg HTML editors, there’s this paragraph: Nvu - Complete Web Authoring System (Update: Nvu has... lire la suite


Cédric & Frédéric This year there’s been a lot of people representing the French-speaking Mozilla community at the JDLL in Lyon, France — 18 persons IIRC! There were booth for XUL fr, FrenchMoz, Geckozone, FrenchBirds and for Mozilla... lire la suite

KompoZer 0.8b1

KompoZer logo Finally entering the beta stage. Few bug fixes, but I've implemented the last features I wanted for the 0.8 branch: FTP support syntax highlighting in split view ability to edit text files better PHP support on... lire la suite

EU MozCamp 2009, Prague

Mozilla dinner on the VltavaI've been so glad to be at the European MozCamp in Prague. I could meet more Mozilla contributors, there's been a lot of interesting talks, and the Mozilla dinner on the Moldau was awesome. Boy, I love this community!... lire la suite

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