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Sunday, February 14 2010


Another year, another FOSDEM. This year I haven't been surprised by the overall nerd factor, I guess that's a clear sign that I’ve significantly nerdified myself. Never mind — as Seth B. told me:

It’s okay to be a nerd. Look at Staś!

One Year In Review

I've had the opportunity to give a lightning talk about the work that has been done on KompoZer since the last FOSDEM — i.e. since the first alpha release of the 0.8 branch:

  • code cleaning: KompoZer 0.7 was built on Nvu, which required a 15'000 line C++ patch against the Gecko core. Most of this patch concerned UI improvements, which are now implemented in XUL/JavaScript. KompoZer 0.8 builds on an almost pure Gecko core — we just need a little patch for the PHP support.
  • new features: the DOM Explorer sidebar and the split view should help KompoZer users learning HTML and CSS, the new Site Manager (still in development) should solve most of the publication issues we inherited from Mozilla Composer.
  • team building: KompoZer isn't a one-man-project any more. Cédric Corazza and Frédéric Chateaux have joined the team to help me with the localization support and the quality assurance. Thanks to them I can focus on development.


KompoZer Labs

The best news in these last months is that the KompoZer community is growing. Last year, we've set up a KompoZer labs page with a few projects that we’d like to experiment, and five projects have already been selected by CoMETE students:

  • real-time collaborative HTML edition (XMPP/SXE)
  • CMS publication (XML-RPC)
  • enhanced DOM Explorer sidebar
  • easier CSS Editor
  • SFTP support

The CoMETE team is very motivated and these projects are making good progress — I'll detail them in another blogpost soon. In case you’re interested in working on another “Labs” project, or if you’d like to submit another idea for this “Labs” page, feel free to ping us on the #kompozer channel.


This FOSDEM has also been the opportunity to organize the development of the next KompoZer branch along with the SeaMonkey team. Last year, we’ve had a simple deal:

This deal is now becoming effective, and I already have a pre-alpha, Gecko 1.9.3 build of KompoZer. So instead of just porting KompoZer to Gecko 1.9.3, we’ll open a few tickets on Bugzilla to backport the main KompoZer features and bugfixes on comm-central: putting the code in a public place like BMO and getting reviews from other Mozilla developers should help keeping the project stable and open in the long-term. I’ll do my best to release an official alpha version before the Firefox Summit, with the features that I’ve announced in the EuMozCamp09: Bespin code editor, xml-rpc publication, collaborative edition…

Back To Real Life

I’m almost done with the urgent work, which means I can focus on KompoZer 0.8b2 again. I realize it’s been a while since the last release (0.8b1), so I’ll probably drop some of the unfinished work I’ve been doing on this branch to release the 0.8b2 version ASAP — hopefully next Sunday.

Tuesday, October 27 2009


This year there’s been a lot of people representing the French-speaking Mozilla community at the JDLL in Lyon, France — 18 persons IIRC!

There were booth for XUL fr, FrenchMoz, Geckozone, FrenchBirds and for Mozilla Europe, Mozilla Women… as well as KompoZer, of course.

I’ve had the opportunity to give a talk on KompoZer 0.8, in front of more people than I expected for a relative small event. I could present the work I’ve been doing on KompoZer for the last twelve months and give a mini-roadmap about the future of this project.

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Monday, October 26 2009

JDLL 2009, Lyon

Un de plus ! Les JDLL occupent chaque année une place particulière dans mon planning : non seulement parce que c’est le premier geek event auquel j’ai participé, mais aussi parce que ça se passe à proximité de mes pénates dauphinoises. Dans ces conditions, difficile d’y couper.

Cette année et comme les années précédentes, les JDLL tombaient à une période où de nombreux Mozilliens francophones fêtaient leur anniversaire (Tristan, Paul, Bobo, ma pomme et j’en oublie…), ce qui n’est pas sans avoir donné un prétexte d’alcoolisation facile à certaines personnes dont je tairai le nom ici.

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Sunday, October 11 2009

afk 15 jours

Après le MozCamp de Prague il y a une semaine, la fin du mois d’octobre s’annonce particulièrement chargée. Une fois n’est pas coutume, vous aurez plus de chances de me voir « en vrai » que sur le forum Geckozone ou l’IRC Mozilla !

Ce vendredi et samedi, il y a les JDLL 2009, événement de portée internationale auquel tout Rhônalpin digne de ce nom se doit d’assister. J’y présenterai KompoZer 0.8b1, notamment avec une mini-conférence le vendredi à l’heure de l’apéritif. Je ne sais pas s’il y aura un stand KompoZer, dans le pire des cas je serai sur le stand Mozilla. Accessoirement, c’est aussi le rendez-vous annuel de la communauté Mozilla francophone : quand on quitte le stand, une autre journée démarre. :-)

La semaine suivante est consacrée au projet Comete avec Laurent Jouanneau, chef vénéré de XulFR et évangéliste Flash. Laurent et moi-même allons dispenser une formation de développement Mozilla à l’université d’Évry, c’est une grande première en France ! \o/

L’une des conséquences de ce planning chargé, c’est que KompoZer 0.8b1 ne sera pas aussi soigneusement testé que d’habitude (doux euphémisme), et qu’il faudra attendre au moins trois semaines avant d’avoir une bêta2 qui corrige les plus gros bugs. Désolé pour le désagrément, je ferai de mon mieux pour me rattraper en novembre et décembre.

Tuesday, October 6 2009

EU MozCamp 2009, Prague

I've been so glad to be at the European MozCamp in Prague. I could meet more Mozilla contributors, there's been a lot of interesting talks, and the Mozilla dinner on the Moldau was awesome. Boy, I love this community! :-)

Mozilla dinner on the Vltava

I gave a talk on KompoZer. Believe it or not, it was the very first time I had to make slides… you can see them here. As you can guess, I've used KompoZer to make them. ;-)

I've also had the opportunity to discuss the future of KompoZer with Mark Surman, Gervase Markham and Robert Kaiser. The specs for KompoZer 0.9 are now packed! More on that subject soon, hopefully.

The whole KompoZer team at the euMozCamp09

Many, many thanks to William, Irina and the whole Mozilla-Europe team for organizing this event. It's been a great time!

Monday, February 9 2009


Ymai's last contribution to the KompoZer project FOSDEM’s about having good local beers and meeting contributors from everywhere in Europe and beyond — I sure like this concept! It was the first time I attended to this event and I didn't expect so many keynotes in such little time, so I had to make some cruel choices. Here are the three projects I focused on.

Fennec alpha2

I have to say I was very skeptical about Fennec performances at the MozCamp in Barcelona. A lot of code optimization has been done since, and now I believe Fennec can become responsive enough for mobile devices. Like Christian said in his keynote:

Fennec is faster, it’s not fast yet.

Fennec is about to replace Firefox on my EeePC:

  • getting the best of the “small” screen — well, 7" sure is much better than a smartphone screen, but it’s tiny compared to the 23" screen I have on my desktop…
  • because of the very small keyboard, drag gestures on the touchpad are much more handy than using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Tab or Alt+Arrows
  • quick startup — though Firefox’s startup time was already correct on this netbook.

I like the idea of having a stripped-down browser on my netbook, then adding features with extensions. The fun part will be to find a way to implement new features while keeping an intuitive, efficent UI. I guess I should start with the bookmarks!

SeaMonkey 2 alpha2

The SeaMonkey guys have done an impressive work since version 1.1. There are many enhancements but most of the work has been done “under the hood”: the app has been ported from xpfe to the new toolkit and it’s built on the latest Mozilla core (Gecko 1.9.1).

We’ll try to work together to finish porting KompoZer to Gecko 1.9.1. The idea would be to merge KompoZer with SeaMonkey Composer (good old MOZ_STANDALONE_COMPOSER preprocessing definition?) so SeaMonkey Composer could benefit from KompoZer’s new features, while KompoZer could be built as a standalone application directly on SeaMonkey’s code base.

KaiRo, you know where to reach me. ;-)

KompoZer 0.8 alpha1

I’ve published the first alpha version of KompoZer 0.8 just before leaving for the FOSDEM, and I’ve had very interesting discussions with KompoZer users about the ergonomy of the application and the future of the project. This will be detailed in another post.

Nukeador and me talking about CSS templates

Last but not least, I’m glad I’ve finally met Yves Mairesse (aka Ymai) in person. Yves is an active member of KompoZer’s bug chasing patrol since the very beginning of the project, and he’s also the author of the most famous French-speaking KompoZer tutorial. Merci encore pour la Chimay Bleue !

Monday, October 27 2008

MozCamp 2008, Barcelona

I’ve been invited to the first European MozCamp in Barcelona.


These two days have been very active. There’s been many keynotes and I had to make some cruel choices.

  • Ubiquity rocks — using a few keystrokes will always be *much* faster/easier than a dozen mouse clicks — but I have a few doubts about how it could be localised…
  • I really like Thunderbird’s new UI but I’m afraid this project desperately needs a decent PIM sync. What’s the point in embedding Lightning if you can’t sync it?
  • Talked a little with Mark Finkle about the opportunity to have a binding to Scintilla in XULRunner’s SDK. I’d love to work with ActiveState and Paul Rouget on this.
  • Firebug is definitely the best basis for modern web development. I’ll try to find the time to adapt it to KompoZer and OpenKomodo.
  • Talked with Daniel Glazman and Laurent Jouanneau about BlueGriffon. If it remains a pure XUL app I’ll be happy to join, but if it relies on a patched Gecko core, no thanks: I don’t want to restart another Nvu story.
  • Fennec is fancy. The UI makes perfect sense, but it also shows there’s *ahem* room for improvement on the performance side — no doubt it’ll be a benchmark for Gecko 2.0. However, it’s already a perfect browser for my eeePC.
  • I’ve been glad to meet Henrik Gemal: I started to work on XUL by tweaking Launchy.

Lots of translators, many developers, and the Mozilla staff. These two days have been awesome and the Saturday night party was incredible (right on the beach in Barcelona)! It’s been a perfect illustration of the principle:

in Europe there’s one official language, it’s called “translation”

MozCamp08 - myself, Simone, Pascal

Many thanks to William, Delphine and the Mozilla-Europe team for this event. Feel free to invite me next year! ;-)

Sunday, October 19 2008

JDLL 2008, Lyon

La seule conf que je ne rate jamais, c’est bien les JDLL :

  • c’est à une heure de chez moi ;
  • c’est la toute première conf à laquelle j’ai assisté, invité par Flore ;
  • y’a toute la bande Geckozone / FrenchMozilla ;
  • ça tombe le jour de mon anniversaire, qui coïncide avec celui de Paul et de Tristan, ce qui aboutit généralement à de bonnes soirées. :-)

JDLL 2008

Cette année c’était particulier :

  • Paul fêtait son embauche chez Mozilla, il est désormais « tech evangelist » chez Mozilla, et c’est amplement mérité.
  • Mozilla fêtait ses 10 ans, et pour la peine, Mozilla-Europe a offert champagne après la conf de Tristan… à l’ancienne ! Bizarrement, personne n’a trollé sur les trademarks de Mozilla cette année… :-D
  • L’ALDIL (organisatrice des JDLL) fêtait ses 10 ans également. Bravo à toute l’équipe, on en reprend volontiers pour 10 ans !
  • Alix, chargée de mission à l’April et accessoirement ma petite sœur adorée, tenait le stand April juste à coté du stand Mozilla, ce qui lui a permis de faire le plein d’adhésions auprès des franco-mozilliens — sauf Pirlouy, dernier traître à la solde de Redmond. ^^

Le stand a tourné autour de Firefox 3.1 et de la démo de pervers concoctée par Paul : une balise <video> martyrisée à coups de CSS-transform. Bon, en soi ça sert à rien, mais ça donne un aperçu en une page de ce qu’on peut attendre de ces technologie, et ça tue. Plus prosaïquement, j’espère que cette balise <video> nous débarrasera un jour de ces horreurs que sont les lecteurs vidéo Flash.

Pour le reste c’est comme d’hab : des confs intéressantes, l’occasion de retrouver des gens sympas (Pyg chez Framasoft, les ceusses de chez Gnome, l’équipe de l’ALDIL) et d’en rencontrer d’autres (Chloé et David, j’espère bien trouver le temps de contribuer à La Poule, c’est un très beau projet !).

Peu dormi, bien mangé, bien bu, trop parlé, que du bonheur. Je réserve un ticket pour l’an prochain !

Merci encore à Flore et Bobo pour leur accueil royal. Désolé pour Benoit qui a dû supporter mes ronflements. ^^