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Tag - firefoxOS

Joining Phoxygen

I’m glad to announce that I’m joining Phoxygen today as a senior Firefox OS engineer. A new angle on the same project, and a great team to work with! As a welcome bonus, I get to work with Ahmed to finish the work on RTL... lire la suite

Back from Mozilla

During the last 3 years I’ve worked full-time for Mozilla Corp, and now it’s more than time to move on. Leaving the MoCo has been a very difficult step for me. I’ve been a Mozillian for the last 8 years, and it’s been... lire la suite

Still there

Wow, the last year just flew by! Time for a quick status update. First of all, I’m not working on the editor back-end any more. I joined the Firefox OS dev team last January and I mostly work on the Gaia front-end. It’s... lire la suite