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Saturday, September 17 2011


Next week I’ll be in Mountain View for DocEng2011 — a symposium on Document Engineering, which is hosted by Google this year.

I’ll present my work on timesheets.js (= JavaScript implementation of SMIL Timing and SMIL Timesheets), which has been nominated for the best paper award. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 26 2010

HTML Timing

I’ve just been hired by INRIA to develop a Mozilla-based, multimedia-dedicated, web authoring tool. I’m working in a team that has been very active in the SVG and SMIL working groups and that has developed Amaya a while ago. After three months working here, I came up with two conclusions:

  • the full SMIL spec (≠ SVG animations) is completely overkill for web browsers
  • the SMIL/Timing module is magic: simple to use and offers a lot of cool features to web pages like timing, media synchronization and user interaction management. I wish this could be part of HTML5!

I’m currently working on a JavaScript implementation of the SMIL/Timing module. I’ve had the opportunity to give a lightning talk about this project at the Mozilla Summit in Whistler, and I’ve made significant progress since.

Here’s a quick overview of SMIL/Timing and how we can use it in web pages. The full story and all the demos are on labs.kompozer.net/timesheets.

Timesheet Scheduler (Demo!)

I’ve started to implement the SMIL/Timing and SMIL/Timesheets specs in a JavaScript Timesheet Scheduler: with this small JS lib (less than 4KB for the minified/gzipped version), a lot of timing features and user interactions can be described without writing any specific JavaScript code. This can be easily used to design an slideshow like this one:

The full demo is available here: labs.kompozer.net/timesheets.

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