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Still there

Wow, the last year just flew by! Time for a quick status update. First of all, I’m not working on the editor back-end any more. I joined the Firefox OS dev team last January and I mostly work on the Gaia front-end. It’s... lire la suite

KompoZer 0.8b3 in Ukrainian and

KompoZer logoTwo new locales have just been added to the official “Download” page: http://kompozer.net/download.php The Ukrainian one is mainly (only?) the result of Andriy Radyk’s work. He’s done the whole translation on Narro... lire la suite

KompoZer 0.8b3 in Slovenian

KompoZer logo While most of the KompoZer 0.7.10 language packs have been upgraded to KompoZer 0.8, we’ve set up a Narro server to help localization teams work on new locales. The Finnish locale has been the first one to be fully... lire la suite

KompoZer 0.8b3 in Czech

KompoZer logoJaroslav Krejčí (aka “JardaK”) has just submitted a Czech language pack for KompoZer 0.8. We’ve imported the strings from the langpack JardaK did for KompoZer 0.7.10 and added the Mozilla 1.8 strings. Then, JardaK has... lire la suite

New locales for KompoZer 0.8b1

Two locales have just been added to KompoZer 0.8b1: the Dutch locale has been done by Freek Pol, aka Frederik, moderator of the Dutch KompoZer forum on MozBrowser.nl. the Hungarian one has been done by András Tímár,... lire la suite

KompoZer 0.8 localized builds

For the 0.8 branch, Cédric Corazza (l10n lead) has decided to publish localized builds instead of just proposing cross-platform langpacks. Not as easy as it seemed… but the new “Download” page is ready.... lire la suite

KompoZer locales

I'm glad to announce that 8 langpacks are already available for KompoZer 0.8a4:   language langpack Contributor da Danish Dansk Kim Ludvigsen de German Deutsch Anke “Eleanora” Lange es-ES Spanish Español Ricardo... lire la suite