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Back from Mozilla

During the last 3 years I’ve worked full-time for Mozilla Corp, and now it’s more than time to move on. Leaving the MoCo has been a very difficult step for me. I’ve been a Mozillian for the last 8 years, and it’s been... lire la suite

Still there

Wow, the last year just flew by! Time for a quick status update. First of all, I’m not working on the editor back-end any more. I joined the Firefox OS dev team last January and I mostly work on the Gaia front-end. It’s... lire la suite

A Bad Surprise

That’s not a secret, not everybody is happy with Mozilla’s new “6-week release” policy. Everything has already been written about that: the advantages of a rapid release cycle are real, and so are the drawbacks of the... lire la suite

Mauvaise surprise

Ce n’est un secret pour personne, la nouvelle politique de 6-week releases de Mozilla ne fait pas que des heureux. Je ne m’étendrai pas sur le sujet, tout a déjà été écrit sur la question : les avantages d’un cycle de... lire la suite

Vim Syntax Highlighting for Mozilla C++

I’ve tweaked the cpp.vim file that comes with Vim 7.3 to highlight most Mozilla-specific keywords when working on the editor core. A lot of Mozilla-specific types and that can be added manually but the task gets bigger... lire la suite

Editor Progress: make , not !

The Mozilla HTML editor creates a bunch of
elements for historical reasons. One of the most irritating situations is when you expect a

but get a
… for example in this ContentEditable demo: .demo { width:... lire la suite

One Year At INRIA

I have been working for INRIA for one year now. I am still alive, though extremely busy… and it is high time to give a quick update. About My Work timesheets.js: I have been hired to develop a FLOSS, cross-browser... lire la suite

HTML Timing

HTML Timing I’ve just been hired by INRIA to develop a Mozilla-based, multimedia-dedicated, web authoring tool. I’m working in a team that has been very active in the SVG and SMIL working groups and that has developed Amaya a while... lire la suite

KompoZer 0.8b3 in Ukrainian and

KompoZer logoTwo new locales have just been added to the official “Download” page: http://kompozer.net/download.php The Ukrainian one is mainly (only?) the result of Andriy Radyk’s work. He’s done the whole translation on Narro... lire la suite

KompoZer n’est pas Nvu

KompoZer 0.9a1pre, CSS3 demo Daniel Glazman a annoncé qu’il avait trouvé un financement pour BlueGriffon. J’aimerais pouvoir en dire autant pour KompoZer, mais je ne peux que m’associer à la joie de Daniel qui va à nouveau connaître le rêve de tout... lire la suite

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