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KompoZer 0.8b3 in Slovenian

KompoZer logo While most of the KompoZer 0.7.10 language packs have been upgraded to KompoZer 0.8, we’ve set up a Narro server to help localization teams work on new locales. The Finnish locale has been the first one to be fully... lire la suite

KompoZer 0.8b3 in Czech

KompoZer logoJaroslav Krejčí (aka “JardaK”) has just submitted a Czech language pack for KompoZer 0.8. We’ve imported the strings from the langpack JardaK did for KompoZer 0.7.10 and added the Mozilla 1.8 strings. Then, JardaK has... lire la suite


fosdem10-CedricFrederic.jpgAnother year, another FOSDEM. This year I haven't been surprised by the overall nerd factor, I guess that's a clear sign that I’ve significantly nerdified myself. Never mind — as Seth B. told me: It’s okay to be a nerd.... lire la suite

KompoZer Addons Mini How-To

There are two items in my long todo-list that I can’t address properly before KompoZer 0.8 is released: design an “Add-ons” page for kompozer.net write an “Add-on development“ how-to for kompozer.sf.net I won’t be able... lire la suite

New locales for KompoZer 0.8b1

Two locales have just been added to KompoZer 0.8b1: the Dutch locale has been done by Freek Pol, aka Frederik, moderator of the Dutch KompoZer forum on MozBrowser.nl. the Hungarian one has been done by András Tímár,... lire la suite

Two French books about KompoZer

Créez gratuitement votre site web avec KompoZerTwo books about KompoZer have just been published in French: The first one, “Créez gratuitement votre site web avec KompoZer” is the French translation of Kim Ludvigsen’s booklet, “Hjemmesider med KompoZer” (“Create your... lire la suite

Download mirrors for KompoZer, anyone?

SF download statsSince SourceForge.net has changed its File Release System, it's much easier to publish a bunch of binaries for each KompoZer release. Unfortunately, it's become pretty buggy and we’re getting more and more reports from... lire la suite

KompoZer 0.8 localized builds

For the 0.8 branch, Cédric Corazza (l10n lead) has decided to publish localized builds instead of just proposing cross-platform langpacks. Not as easy as it seemed… but the new “Download” page is ready.... lire la suite

Comete: Course on Mozilla Education and

Université d’Évry Last week, Laurent Jouanneau and I taught Mozilla technologies at the University of Évry, Paris area. The Comete project was initiated by Pascal Chevrel (Mozilla-Europe) and three University teachers: Didier Courtaud... lire la suite

Comete : initiation Mozilla à

Université d’Évry La semaine dernière, Laurent Jouanneau et moi-même avons donné des cours de développement Mozilla au MIAGE d’Évry. Le projet Comete a été initié par Pascal Chevrel (Mozilla-Europe) et des enseignants de l’université... lire la suite

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