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Friday, December 4 2009

KompoZer Addons Mini How-To

There are two items in my long todo-list that I can’t address properly before KompoZer 0.8 is released:

I won’t be able to work on these items before January 2010, so here’s a very quick how-to for add-on developers. I’ll suppose you’re already familiar with Firefox add-on development, or that you can read the related documentation on MDC.

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Wednesday, October 28 2009

Comete: Course on Mozilla Education and Technologies at Evry

Last week, Laurent Jouanneau and I taught Mozilla technologies at the University of Évry, Paris area. The Comete project was initiated by Pascal Chevrel (Mozilla-Europe) and three University teachers: Didier Courtaud (Desiderius on #xulfr and #education), Judith Benzakki and Denis Dupont.

Université d’Évry

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Comete : initiation Mozilla à l’université d’Évry

La semaine dernière, Laurent Jouanneau et moi-même avons donné des cours de développement Mozilla au MIAGE d’Évry. Le projet Comete a été initié par Pascal Chevrel (Mozilla-Europe) et des enseignants de l’université d’Évry : Didier Courtaud (Desiderius sur #xulfr et #education), Judith Benzakki et Denis Dupont.

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Tuesday, December 2 2008

Small tabs in Firefox 3

I love my EeePC netbook, it’s my only laptop and I even do some XUL stuff with it, using Vim and a separate compact keyboard. However, the small screen can be frustrating with some apps… like Firefox.

Using Vimperator or the full-screen mode does already save a lot of space, but I’ve done a quick hack to save space on the tabbar too:

Small Tabs on Firefox3

I got used to it and now I even use it on my 23” desktop screen: the favicons are usually enough to recognize the pages — and if not, there’s still the tooltip and/or ctrl+tab on Firefox 3.1. The idea comes from the Ubuntu Netbook Remix desktop interface.

All you need is six lines of text:

  • three preferences (either in your %profile%/user.js file or with about:config):
pref("browser.tabs.tabMinWidth", 36);
pref("browser.tabs.tabMaxWidth", 52);
pref("browser.tabs.closeButtons", 0);
  • three style rules in your userChrome.css file:
.tabbrowser-tabs tab                  .tab-text { display: none; }
.tabbrowser-tabs tab[selected="true"] .tab-text { display: block; }
.tabbrowser-tabs tab[selected="true"] { min-width: 250px; }

Restart Firefox 3, you’re done.

Update: if you’re really lazy, I’ve packed this as an extension.